Ninja Plan


If you want to lose weight but confuse about taste and quality of food


Breakfast Fruit Mahalabiya Kcal 173

Lunch singaporean rice Kcal 493

Snack Red Beans Salad Kcal 135

Dinner Dammari Chicken Stew Kcal 420


Breakfast Baidh Khudaar Kcal 248

Lunch chicken Adobo leg Kcal 629

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner Chicken Paella Kcal 373


Breakfast Steak And veggies with egg Kcal 330

Lunch Yellow Lentils With Peas Rice Kcal 320

Snack Coffee with dietary fibers Kcal 132

Dinner chicken Peas Stew Kcal 501


Breakfast chicken sub Kcal 406

Lunch Stire Fry Chicken Kcal 346

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner hoisin steak Kcal 395


Breakfast Chicken Spanish Omelet Kcal 282

Lunch Garlic Herbs Pasta Kcal 416

Snack oats choco cooke's Kcal 173

Dinner Dammari Chicken Stew Kcal 420


Breakfast Posched Basil Sandwich Kcal 342

Lunch chicken burger Kcal 458

Snack Cocktail Salad Kcal 178

Dinner Shish Tawook Kcal 307


Breakfast Banana Pancake Kcal 203

Lunch Singaporean Rice Kcal 493

Snack italian salad Kcal 200

Dinner Chicken Tagine Ragu Kcal 374


Breakfast ground chicken egg sandwich Kcal 353

Lunch Chinese Chicken Curry With Rice Kcal 426

Snack banana baked oatmeal Kcal 210

Dinner Mexican Steak With Mushroom Red Sauce Kcal 284


Breakfast Fruit Mahalabiya Kcal 173

Lunch chung thai chicken Kcal 417

Snack Fattouch Salad Kcal 166

Dinner white karahi with chapati Kcal 518