Assassinate Weight


Best for all those who want to lose weight while eating healthy food


Breakfast french twister Kcal 342

Lunch Chicken Chili Gravy Kcal 386

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner garlic sear chicken with spinach Kcal 497


Breakfast Cumin Cookies/coffee with Omelette Kcal 359

Lunch Arrabiatta pasta Kcal 378

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner Chicken Fahjita Kcal 431


Breakfast Shakshuka Kcal 193

Lunch chicken tikka Kcal 457

Snack banana baked oatmeal Kcal 210

Dinner burrito bowl Kcal 356


Breakfast Fruit Mahalabiya Kcal 173

Lunch Beef Steak Sandwich Kcal 562

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner bihari boti casserolle Kcal 410


Breakfast surprise breakfast Kcal 306

Lunch tandoori kabab Kcal 568

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner Stire Fry Chicken Kcal 346


Breakfast mushroom egg with bread Kcal 162

Lunch roasted chicken with five spice bbq glaze Kcal 353

Snack Coconut Bar Kcal 267

Dinner Chicken Aakhni With Rice Kcal 378


Breakfast Banana Pancake Kcal 273

Lunch chicken cutlet Kcal 454

Snack Coffee with dietary fibers Kcal 132

Dinner steel cut harisa Kcal 322


Breakfast Posched Basil Sandwich Kcal 306

Lunch ministroni soup Kcal 314

Snack Russian salad Kcal 202

Dinner salisbury steak Kcal 475


Breakfast dates cake Kcal 354

Lunch Curry Chicken Apple Salad Kcal 465

Snack coffee Kcal 6

Dinner Bolognaise spaghetti Kcal 376


Breakfast green onion egg with brown bread Kcal 199

Lunch chicken burger Kcal 458

Snack green salad Kcal 161

Dinner garlic with pepper wrap Kcal 358